Just For Fish, And Maybe A Few Other Things Too…

By nature, I don’t like things that don’t have multi-functional design. This though, is a conundrum. Why is it so? Because, so many multi-functionally designed items are horrible at all but one function. Therefore, generally speaking, you loose the comfort of a uni-function item, and still don’t get the full benefit of the multiple items. This thought process came about yesterday for me, and now I’ll explain why…

A while back, my wife bought some high density-plastic/antimicrobial cut resistant sheets, to use as a replacement to a cutting boards. While they are plastic, the rest of it I’m unsure about, that is, except for the cut resistant part. They definitely are not cut resistant of anything sharper than a spoon. This part is important to me.

In the house were we live now, we have tile counter tops. As I’m not the owner of the house, I can’t change this. On top of that, the tile really looks good on the counter tops. These counter tops are also decent for just about everything else too. However, they do not work well with me and the cutting sheets. Every indent between tiles makes my knife blade dig into the plastic. So, I figured we needed a cutting board.

I thought though, if I’m going to make a cutting board, it should work for ALL the things that we cut regularly. Well, as it turns out, we cut a wide range of things with frequency.

We live in the country and my wife cooks a lot. Not only that, but where we live now, we get a good amount of Trout and Salmon to eat as well. I do the cutting, fileting, and the cleaning of all these delicious morsels. There is just one problem though. Almost all the fish that we get are close to 2 feet long.

With this fact in mind, I set out to make the perfect, muliti-use cutting board. I found an awesome piece of close grained, naturally water resistant wood, and started measuring. I figured, if it is long enough to cut our standard size fish on, then we are good, we can cut anything on it. Problem Solved…

After a while cutting and grinding and sanding on this very tough and dense board, I finally had the cutting board done. Ready to show the wife. I thought…”won’t she be happy to have a cool cutting board like this”. By the way, I even carved boarder reliefs and a relief-ed image in the center for the liquids to run into.

After looking over the board well, and touching it up here and there, I called her out to see my handy work. She comes out, looks at it, and says…”Wow, that’s big…! Where are we going to put it?”

At first, I thought…but it fits out needs…then I looked at the 2-1/2 foot long board in my hand and said…”that’s a good question”… She had a point. My wife is so smart. This thing is HUGE! Not only that though… then she asked me to make her a cutting board that she can actually use. I should have known better. It’s that whole multi-functional that doesn’t multi-function dilemma. Mankind’s problem since, who knows when?.

Do to the size of the board, I had to make a hanger to hang the board on the wall, just to have some place to store it. So now it hangs next to the stove. A beautiful hand crafted cutting board, that will see relatively little use. My multi-functional, utilitarian item, that is basically neither…

Wait!… I just realized that my multi-functional item really is multi-functional after all. Now it’s a cutting board and a piece of art. Not such a waste after all.


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