It’s Coming Back To Me Now…

I guess as I get older, I just don’t remember as much as I used to. Could it be though, I’m just on the internet or “e-net” ,as a friends dad calls it, to much?( Nobody knows why E-net.)

You’ve probably experienced the same thing. Something catches your eye, and you think, this is cool,I’ve got to share that. Two seconds later, the same thing happens again, and first thing you found, went out the window. Well…that’s what happened to me with this site. I fond it, and then…there it went out the mental window. Thanks to the “e-net” being so small though and everything (insert sarcasm here), I found it once again. In fact, facebook brought it back to me. What was it…? Anticipation building. Ooooh… This is a site that would be like photo bank, but with only the most retro of retro photos. has almost 300 retro images to browse thru. Most are of motels, hotels, restaurants, or some other kitschy theme, but the images are super clean and are professional looking. These images can be viewed and purchased thru their site.

Still though, if you don’t really want to buy one, you still pass a couple hours looking at the old photos of when times where different. Seemingly more simple and enjoyable. Whether or not, that was so, someone who lived there can only say. Since I can’t use the images from this site to promote them I really suggest that you use the links to see the images they offer. It’s really worth a visit.  Knoll


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