Amidst Mod Continued.

As you look around on my blog, Amidst mod, you may notice that it hasn’t really been kept up to date. Some time back, I decided to start my site on the bases that I wanted to have a better looking site. Unfortunately, I didn’t build the traffic that I had hope for as quickly as I had hoped for. So, due to a tight schedule, I kind of let go. That doesn’t mean that I have let Amidstmod go completely though. Even though, I’m not super active, I have managed to keep my original blog going in some form or fashion over the last 7 or so years. There you will find updates and new post from time to time.  So, stop by and give AMIDSTMOD a try!


The Bird

Some time back, about 1-1/2 years ago, I started a small project. I used found materials around the house, and I planned on it being a fairly simple and quick project. Well, it didn’t really turn out the way I had hope. It took me much longer than than I had planned. However, it’s done now. So, I’m sharing it with you. I hope you enjoy it. You’ll also notice my sculpture is sitting on top of my latest creation. More photos of “Bird” and my new project are soon to come. _MG_2108

Little Yellow MCM Cabin, Chile

As I’ve mentioned on my blog before, Chile South America is just filled with mcm styled homes in the south portion of Chile. Why? Much of it is because of the growth that took place here in the 60’s. However, some of it is because, much of the work here is based on tourism, and therefore cabin dot the land. These cabins, as it seems, would follow the traditional vacation cabin form of the 50’s and 60’s. It also just so happens, those typical cabins where in the height of mcm boom period and reflect many characteristics.

The interiors lack much imagination it seems, but that’s ok because I don’t live in one. All I need is to be surrounded by these little gems. Awe…


Favorites Of Mine

While I find great joy in photography, painting, and digital design…, sculpting gives me a joy that I can’t compare to any other art form. However, do to the long process time, I find that it is not something I can do as frequently as I would like.

From time to time I still buy out the time to shape some piece of wood into one of my favorite organic shapes. A lot of my shapes are made from solid wood. Others are cut and prepared and assembled from plywood’s, plasters, resins, or acrylic. It just depends on what material I have in mind for a particular shape or project.

My sculptures in this series are all made from kiln dried Red Oak and have a Danish finish with gloss clear coat on top. This way you have I get the color tone that I’m looking for, but with a finish that looks vintaged, but pristine at the same time.

All three of these sculptures are for sale here. At some point in the future I will have more available in these same materials.


Endangered: Goodman Alcoa Care-Free Home in Miami – $529K

When aluminum was invented, and then became available to the standard public, it was the solution to the maintenance a traditional house had required. For many reasons though, aluminum houses where never really built as production homes. The relatively few that  were built were built as test/sample homes. that makes these houses rare and unique. Unfortunately that puts these houses at risk.

Here’s a link that shows you a good example of the “carefree houses of tomorrow”. It also shows you the danger these house are in. Endangered: Goodman Alcoa Care-Free Home in Miami – $529K.

Don’t Think I’ve Shown This One

So, so much has been going on, that I think one of my designs got overlooked. To make sure that such things don’t happen, I’m going thru my hard drive and putting them on this here blog.

In any case that you may like this, some of my other designs, you can purchase some of my works here.

New Additions

It’s been some time since I have had my art up for sale. For various reasons I decided to take my art off the sites where I was selling, and simply never got back to selling my work on any other sites. Well… that is until today.

Recently I found out about a reasonable site to promote and sell my works. So, now I have put a number of works up for sale, and will continue to add works in the future, as they become ready. While I currently have prints up for sale, I will be putting up originals as well. My originals will be a range of items. Some of what my catalog will include are: Sculptures, bowls, serving trays, paintings, and possibly some lamps and screen prints in the future.

In other words, stop by and see what is available. is a very convenient site that offers a wide rage of availability. Unlike some of the other direct print services, they are focusing on fewer, but higher quality products. However, within each product category they give many options to adjust you purchase to exactly what you want for your home. You can choose things such as a frame (if you would like), matting (if wanted), a canvas print, an Acrylic print, greeting cards, or simply a high quality print on photo archival or watercolor papers. Also, as always, if you have any questions you can always contact the site or myself as well. Check it out here.

In LINE With Drawing

Yesterday, I decided to show you some of my renderings of objects that I sketched/drew out. However, not all my drawings end there. In fact, that is just the beginning for many of my pieces.

In today’s case, I’ll show you how I decided to finish it. Making it a unique, but very dependent part of the original drawing. What form am I speaking of? Digital Paintings.

While I prefer to paint by hand, sometimes, I choose to color in works digitally because it becomes a different piece of art. It’s another style I use. Creating an independent visual texture. Digital works to me are as important and as challenging as creating a real painting. Many times though, people put less importance on these. It’s really a shame though. Many times I spend as much time digitally rendering and painting, as I would creating an acrylic piece. Plus, I can produce limited quantities at a much more affordable cost.

For more on digital art and why you should consider it, check out my post here.

For more on digital art and why you should consider it, check out my post here.

Why Not Digital?


Digital art is becoming, by in large, a huge part of our lives. We see it on TV. Many times we save some card or ad that was originally created by someone via graphics programs. In fact, in many schools, digital art is the primary focus for graphics design programs. I know that in Art Institute it was back in ’99. So how much more so today! My question then is, why is it so hard for people to except digital art as fine art?

No art field is easy. It’s always hard to make a living selling art. In the MCM genre, many enthusiast are very design oriented and are willing to buy art and decor for their homes. True, some only want authentic Mid-Century, or vintage art. Others though, have really seen the importance of helping the community by buying, what I call “Mid-Century revivalists” art. However, would you buy digital?

Art of Edwin Wade

As an artist, I have to say that digital art is no less difficult than other forms of art that I create. I sculpt and build furniture. Having done many of these things, I have found that all have there difficult points. For instance, the time it takes to make a digital graphic is something to consider. Why? Well, the artist must draw/sketch their design, then they must process the design to modify it in the graphics program. After that, all textures to be used in the image must be created. Something of interest is, that many times the textures used have been hand painted or manufactured. These textures then have to be uploaded and modified to a usable format for the graphic. After all of this, the artist must select the correct settings and materials to produce their art on. Once all this is done the artist get to try and sell their works in a widely apathetic industry.

All said and done. Digital art is, in fact, art. It is a very challenging and difficult art. So, the next time you want to buy a piece of art, at least consider a Digital created piece.

Some of my favorite digital artists

Edwin Wade